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Interested in joining Learning Lab’s Team? Learning Lab is recruiting for an Education Director.  This full time position leads our outstanding team of educators, adult and family literacy programs, and curriculum.  Compensation package includes employer paid life and health insurance, paid time off, and flexible benefit options.

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For general inquires or questions please contact us at, (208) 344-1335

Ann Heilman, Executive Director,, (208)344-1335 ext 120

Monique Smith, Education Director,, (208)344-1335 ext 121

Stephanie Carlson, Development Specialist,, (208)344-1331 ext 131

Cassie Angelos, Office Manager, (208)344 -1335 ext 100

Lila Cabrera, Student Intake Coordinator & Adult Educator,, (208)850-6040

Mary Jane Fields, Volunteer Coordinator & Adult Educator,, (208)602-0637

Gloria Gude, Education and Technical Specialist & Adult Educator,, (208)608-3050

Renee Johns, Adult Educator,, (208)412-3959

Erika Warner, Adult Educator,, (208)488-0100

Joy Hansel, Family Literacy Team Leader & Preschool Educator,, (208)344-1335 ext 130

Katie Windsor, Preschool Educator,, (208)344-1335 ext 133

Allison Yawczak, Infant/Toddler Educator,, (208)344-1335 ext 134

Stephanie Booe, Infant/Toddler Assistant,, (208)344-1335 ext 134

Jennifer Panitch, Administrative Assistant,, (208)344-1335 ext 110